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Product Specifications: 23.3 * 14.8 * 1.6CM
Digital Dimensions: Length Width 2.5cm * 2.5cm * 0.6cm
thickness stick size: 7cm long
. Digital total of 48 rods in each of four colors 12 wooden blocks total 23 .0-8 figure 2 each have a number 9 + -... X% = a total of 72 each.
Features: This product must be under the guardianship of adults use to avoid small pieces of product play
A Do entry.
1, let your baby know colors, 0-9, geometry and arithmetic symbols; develop your baby
Observation skills and hand-eye coordination;
2, let the baby practice mosaic, learn to look for one relationship.
3, to improve children's creativity, analytical.
4, after fine motor training and exercise perseverance, training the children's sense of accomplishment
1, come up with some four-color mixed wood to help, so that the baby they were by color
Singled, then count, there are a few red, yellow with a few more.
2, the use of digital stick teach your baby math, for example: to come up with two green sticks
, Then come up with three yellow stick, so the number of babies at a total of a few, and continue
To give the baby and remembered 2 + 3 = 5.
3, out of the block and the corresponding digital subtraction multiplication and division symbol blocks, with digital
Rods math, you can help your baby recognize numbers and arithmetic symbols writing as soon as possible
[Introduction] red yellow blue four-color stick can cause the baby to count, interest arithmetic, you can use the corresponding number block and arithmetic block to help the baby be interesting arithmetic operation so abstract figurative, interesting . Such as multiplication and division baby is difficult to understand, but with the aid of digital rod will become very easy, for example: 9 divided by 3, you can come up with 9 wooden stick into 3 equal parts, then let the baby count per 1 There are a few sticks and parts. Thus, the baby will understand the concept of the division, and will remember it very firmly.
Educational Objective: Let your baby know red yellow blue four colors; the culture of the concept of baby number; and arithmetic operations gradually from easy to difficult ground

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