WIFI IP Camera Outdoor 4X Digital Zoom

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Sensor Size: 3MP Camera add 32G
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Rotation Remote Control

270° horizontal viewing angle, 90 °Vertical viewing angle You can control it directly by Joolink app at anytime and anywhere .

Normal Night Vision

Switch to Normal night vision mode, the camera 4 infrared lights work. The night monitoring screen is black and white, but the day is color

Intelligent Full Color

Switch to Intelligent Full Color mode,the camera is infrared night vision as default. when someone walks and trigger the camera motion detection function, the white lights will be turned on and the infrared light will be turned off, and the full-color night vision is immediately switched on, can frighten thief.switch back to infrared night vision after 3 minutes.

Timed Full Color

Switch to Timed Full Color mode, the camera 4 white lights will Work during the time you set. The image is color.

IP Camera supports 1.0~4.0 X Digital Zoom

using hands Press and hold the screen to Zoom in/out to see more details.

Two way Audio

Built-in microphone and speaker You can talk with family whenever you want


Including: Sound Detection , Motion Detection , Push Notification, Siren Alarm

IP66 Indoor Outdoor Camera

Protection against harsh weather and environment

Support SD Card Storage

Up to 128G

Joolink App

it's fast and easy to connect with your smartphone.

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