Vintage Ceiling Lamp

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Body Color: Model A
Wattage: With no bulb
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Process: cutting, welding, baking varnish.
Basic type: E27
Does it include a light bulb? :No. (Dear, if you buy this ceiling light and choose a light bulb. We will send the following 7W LED light source by default)
Material: wrought iron.
Applicable places: restaurant, study, bar, porch, aisle, cafe, cloakroom, etc.
Area: 5-10 square meters
Warranty period: 5 years
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Size: as shown on the right.

Colour: Black.

Light source: E27.
Material: wrought iron.
Process: cutting, welding, baking varnish.
Applicable places: restaurants, study, bar, porch, aisle, cafe, etc.

Model A:
Model B:
Model C:
Model D:
Model E:
E27 screw light source,
Energy-saving, LED bulbs can be used, with high light transmittance and uniform light transmission.

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