Toy Plush Block Clutch Magic Cube Rattles

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Color: one cube 10x10cm
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Using different fabric combinations, with bright order color, six faces of which four or five faces are three-dimensional pattern, each side has a different small organs, with the wind chimes, ring paper, bells, safety mirrors, Grips, grab rings, fun, all kinds of three-dimensional design, to the baby to bring different antenna senses, colorful with more stimulation of the baby's visual nerve, the baby can usually play in the hands of the building blocks to wear hooks, Or cart above, crisp wind bells let the baby put it down. Exercise the baby's vision, antennae, hearing and other development
Accessories: wind chimes, ring paper, bells, safety mirrors, Grips, grab rings
Material :plush cloth
Size one:10x10cm
Size two:9x9cm
Size three:8x8cm
​Size four:7x7cm
Packing included: 1 x Plush Block CubeT - 3
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