Sequence Card Board Game

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Packing included:

1 x Folding Game Board
1 x Sequence Playing Cards
135 x Sequence Playing Chips
1 x Game Instructions

Duration: less than 30 minutes
Minimum players: 2
Maximum players: 12 players are difficult to play
Level: primary
Game Borad Size: 50x38cm

-Easy Enough For Children, Challenging For Adults!
-Contents: Folding Game Board, Sequence Playing Cards, 135 Sequence Playing Chips, Game Instructions
-High Quality
-Proprietary design
-Exceptional performance
-Easy enough for children, challenging for adults!

The object is to get a "sequence," meaning a row of five poker-like chips on the game board. The board itself depicts lines of face-up playing cards. Players place their "crowning" chips on top of the card pictures, and can form sequences by using strategy and knowing which Sequence cards to keep or discard.


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