Nearsighted Glasses / Myopia Eyeglasses / Flat Lenses Protects The Lens For Sony Ps4 Ps Vr Virtual

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Option: Eyeglasses frame
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Multi-layer designed, reduce eye fatigue and good light transmittance
Eyeglasses frame is specified designed for Sony PS VR Virtual Reality Headset
Easy to install and comfortable to wear
Magnetic adsorption / very easy to install
ONLY for PSVR, NOT for other headsets
Package included:
Pair of eyeglasses x 1;
Hard case x 1;
Cleaning cloth x 1;
( Other accessories are NOT included)
Suitable for individual users, business users, experience venues.
Option Description:
“Eyeglasses frame” : Contains only the "frame", buy it, you can customize your glass lenses in local optical shops.
“Flat lenses” : Contains "Eyeglasses frame" + "Flat glass", clear glass lens, which can effectively protect your VR lens. When you need custom glass lenses, Flat Glass can be unloaded.
"Less than 400 Degree" or
"400 to 700 Degree" or
"700 to 900 Degree" or
"Over 900 Degree" :
Contains "Eyeglasses frame" + "myopia lens", when your eyes are myopic, please tell me your myopic Eye Data, I will customize a pair for you.
Eye Data:
Right Eye
SPH: ?
CYL: ?
AXL: ?
Left Eye
SPH: ?
CYL: ?
AXL: ?
PD: ?
The SPH value represents "degree"
For example SPH: -3.50, then buy "Less than 400 Degree"
Key Tips:
If The Eye Astigmatism CYL value is greater than -1.9 (For example it is -2.1) , please contact me in advance, the value of glasses will be re-evaluated.
CYL less than -1, according to "Degree", direct order.

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