LED cabinet bar light 20 inch Flat U profile led hard strip

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Emitting Color: 2835 30led 3000K
Color: Cable on 1 side
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L500*W17.4*H7MM Milky Cover


Strip 2835 30LED /Light (60led per meter ) Power 2.1W Input 12VDC Lumens 180-220LM CCT WW3000K,NW 4000K ,CW 6000K


Strip 2835 60LED /Light (120led per meter ) Power 6W Input 12VDC Lumens 600-700LM CCT WW3000K,NW 4000K,CW 6000K


Strip 2835 120LED /Light (240led per meter ) Power 9W Input 12VDC Lumens 900-1000LM CCT WW3000K,NW 4000K,CW 6000K

What is the difference between 30/60 /120LED per lamp

The more led per meter ,the brighter the bar is 30led/50cm the diode is easy visible 60led/50cm the diode is still visible but not clear 120led/50cm the diode is invisible The more led is ,the heat radiation is more ,for close space ,we suggest 30/60 led per lamp

How to choose cable from 1 side and 2 sides

Cable from 1 side ,you can only connect the wire from that side Cable from 2 sides ,you can connect the bar light in series by cable

What is Easy connector and DC Connector

DC Connector is fitted with adapter (5.5*2.5mm or 2.1mm) dc connector ,it can be connected in series Easy connector only fit with the same model of easy connector and can be connected in series also

Is the bar light waterproof ?

It is not waterproof, if you want to use outdoor ,the strip need to be changed to waterproof strip


The bar light is dimmable by PWM dimmer The dimmer need to be bought independently

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