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The role of food waste disposer:
Reduce the odor in the kitchen, especially the cabinets where the trash cans are stored, and avoid the possibility of breeding bacteria, so that cleaning up and discharging household garbage becomes an easy and clean job.

Voltage: 110V/220V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Speed: 2600rpm

1) Air Switch Control
2) Can be conneted Dish Washer
3) Overload Protector
4) Sound Insulation
5) Stainless Steel Grinding Elements
6) Sewer connection pipe: 71cm long, 33.5cm short, 4cm hole diameter

1) Turn on the cold water tap
2) Turn on the food waste disposer
3) Pour food waste into the sink (do not pour irritating chemicals or hot oil)
4) Run the food waste disposer until you only hear the sound of the motor and water flow
5) Turn off the garbage processor after grinding
6) Turn off the water after about 15 seconds after grinding.

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