Ladies Gladiator Sandals Colorful


Color: colorful
Shoe Size: 4
In stock


1.Our product size standard:
Size 2 =CN32=210mm (bare feet length)
Size 3 =CN33=215mm (bare feet length)
Size 4 =CN34=220mm (bare feet length)
Size 5 =CN35=225mm (bare feet length)
Size 6 =CN36=230mm (bare feet length)
Size 6.5=CN37=235mm (bare feet length)
Size 7.5=CN38=240mm (bare feet length)
Size 8.5=CN39=245mm (bare feet length)
Size 9 =CN40=250mm (bare feet length)
Size 9.5=CN41=255mm (bare feet length)
Size 10 =CN42=260mm (bare feet length)
Size 10.5=CN43=265mm (bare feet length)

Size 11=CN44=270mm (bare feet length)

2.notice:(1)because of special material,the pattern is random,the main color might be different sometimes.hope you can know it ,thank you!

(2)Some colors may be different from our pictures,that's normal because of surroundings light and display brightness

3.this link only for shoes,please notice.

4.heel:about 5cm

platform:about 3.5cm

the real pictures :


if you need the backpack on the picture,please click the bag picture as follows







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