Bluetooth AUX Car Receiver 4.0 Adapter 3.5mm

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Instructions for use: This section requires an audio cable to be used!

1, connected to the speaker

In the first way, the speaker does not have a USB interface.

Plug the Bluetooth flash drive into a charger with a 5VUSB interface and connect the audio cable to the AUX port

The second way, the speaker has a USB interface

Plug the Bluetooth flash drive directly into the speaker USB port and connect the audio cable to the AUX port.

2, pairing

Turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone (or computer), search for the surrounding Bluetooth devices, search and pair with them. After the pairing is successful, the indicator light on the Bluetooth receiver becomes slower!

After the pairing is successful, play the music inside the phone, then select the music to be played by Bluetooth in the submenu, and the beautiful music will be played out from the speaker!

Power supply mode: USB power supply

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.1+EDR specification

Output mode: 3.5mm audio interface

Receiving distance: not less than 10m

Standard accessories: 3.5mm audio data cable...


Size: 55*20*10mm

Weight: 23g

Interface: USB/3.5mm

Package Included:

1* adapter

1* audio cable

1* instruction manual



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