Automatic Laying Domino Brick Set sound light

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Color: Train 60 blocks W
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  •  Color:colorful (Send out randomly)
  •  With / NO Original Box
 1.Only 20 pcs blocks / Only 40 pcs blocks / Only 60 pcs blocks The color of domino block is emitted randomly. 2.Catapult set / Bridge set / Springboard set / Elevator set,They are Not include domino car
domino-car-train_03 domino-car-train_04 domino-car-train_05 domino-car-train_06 domino-car-train_07 domino-car-train_08 domino-car-train_16 domino-car-train_17 domino-car-train_18 domino-car-train_11 domino-car-train_19 domino-4-set_05飞机动态图火箭动态图-1
domino-4-set_07 domino-4-set_08 domino-4-set_09 domino-4-set_10 domino-4-set_11 domino-4-set_12 domino-4-set_13 domino-4-set_14 domino-4-set_15 domino-4-set_16 domino-4-set_17 domino-4-set_18 domino-4-set_19 domino-4-set_20 domino-4-set_21 domino-4-set_22 domino-4-set_23 domino-4-set_24 domino-4-set_25 domino-4-set_26 domino-4-set_27
domino-4-set_32 domino-4-set_33

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