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--100% Brand new and high quality.

--105PC and 216PC tool set is designed for use in rotary tools, which is suitable for cutting, carving, grinding, cleaning and polishing.

--Different size tool is made a set, wide range of use and more practical.

--105PC:(As the picture shown)

This set includes 105 pc a mix of the following: Polishing Tools, Pads, Cutting Discs, Drums, Grinding Pieces, Disks, Carving Bits and Pieces of Cleaning etc.

-Sanding needle - suitable for engraving, etc.

-Silicon grinding discs---suitable for grinding glass, porcelain, etc.

-Double-net cutting piece---suitable for cutting metal, etc.

-Resin cutting piece---suitable for cutting metal such as chassis steel plate, etc.

-Sandpaper ring - suitable for sanding wood

-Rubber connecting shaft---matching sandpaper ring

-Wire brush - for rust removal of metal surfaces, etc.

-Polished cotton - suitable for porcelain, jade, etc.

-Polishing wax - brightening effect

-Grinding head - suitable for grinding metal burrs, etc.

-Millstone---grinding shape

-Electric grinding connecting rod---Installing the saw blade can be installed on the electric grinder

-Polished cotton connecting rod - can be used with polished cotton


6× PA grinding wheel Φ20*3*2

6× GC grinding wheel Φ20*3*2

2× Rubber grinding disc

15× 80# Sand ring Φ12.7

15× 80# Sand ring Φ6.35

5× Diamond grinding needle Φ3.17

2× Sand rod Φ3.17

1× Sand drum 1/2′′

1× Sand drum 1/4′′

1× Impeller

6× Wool flakes

1× Sand bar C 25*10

1× Nine hole grinding

10× Black mesh

1× Wrench 9.5 opening

1× Self-tapping rod Φ3.17

1× drill Φ3.17 ball cone

1× drill Φ3.17 inverted cone

1× Tapered wool felt

1× Cloth wheel

2× Copper chuck Φ3.17

1× Copper chuck Φ2.35

1× Copper chuck Φ1.6

6×WA red grinding head

(Φ10*15*3.17 Cylinder, Φ10*15*3.17 Elliptical cone, Φ15*10*3.17 Cylinder each 2)

4× GC grinding head

(Φ20*3*3.17 Flat shape, Φ10*3*3.17 Flat shape each 2)

1 x 9 sets of mini brushes

12× GC grinding head

(Φ6*10*3.17 Elliptical cone, Φ7*3*3.17 Flat shape,

Φ5*3*3.17 Flat shape, Φ7*12*3.17 Elliptical cone,

Φ6*12*3.17 Cylinder, Φ6*3.17 Balls each 2)

36× Red sandpaper Φ20 (36 pieces / bottle)

36× Brown resin sheet Φ24*0.6 (36 pieces/bottle)

30× Black resin sheet Φ24*0.8 (30 pieces/bottle)

1× Abrasive paste


--Type: Multi-function Electric Grinding Set

--Quality: 105PCS/216PCS

--Suitable: DIY, Cutting, Carving, Grinding, Cleaning and Polishing.

--216PC Size: Approx. 33*35*5cm

--105PC Size: Approx. 22*17*5cm

Package Included:

--1×105PC Multi-function Electric Grinding Set


--1×216PC Multi-function Electric Grinding Set


--Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the product.

--Please leaving a message before you give the bad feedback, if the products have some problems.

--Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement.

--Thanks for your understanding.

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