12PCS Lock Pick Set

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Ideal for mechanic and locksmiths to get out broken keys.

Locks provide us with security we need not only at home but something else. But the daily use of our keys over years can cause metal fatigue and breakage.

Trying to get a broken key out of a lock can be tricky. This is a broken key removal set that is great for your home or office and a must have for anyone.


12PCS Type:

Quantity: 12pcs

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Black

Hook length: Approx 11cm/4.3 inch

Needle length: Approx 9cm/3.5 inch

10PCS Type:

Color: Grey


Material: Plastic & Iron

Needle length: Approx 10.5cm / 4 inch

Hook length: Approx 7.5cm / 3 inch

5PCS Type:

Color: Silver

Quantity: 5pcs

Material: Plastic & IronLocksmith-Supplies-Hand-Tools-Lock-Pick-Set-Removal-Hooks--18Locksmith-Supplies-Wrench-Tools-lock-Pick-Set-1Locksmith-Supplies-Hand-Tools-Lock-Pick-Set-Broken-Key-Removal-Hooks--13jpgLocksmith-Supplies-Hand-Tools-Lock-Pick-Set-Broken-Key-Removal-Hooks--17Locksmith-Supplies-Hand-Tools-Lock-Pick-Set-Broken-Key-Removal-Hooks-20Locksmith-Supplies-Hand-Tools-Lock-Pick-Set-Removal-Hooks--16Locksmith-Supplies-Hand-Tools-Lock-Pick-Set-Removal-Hooks--03Locksmith-Supplies-Hand-Tools-Lock-Pick-Set-Removal-Hooks--02Locksmith-Supplies-Hand-Tools-Lock-Pick-Set-Broken-Key-Removal-Hooks--05Locksmith-Supplies-Hand-Tools-Lock-Pick-Set-Broken-Key-Removal-Hooks--08Locksmith-Supplies-Hand-Tools-Lock-Pick-Set-Broken-Key-Removal-Hooks--10

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